Metz ~ Travel Diaries

Although Metz was just a stopover for us as we move on across Europe, we still enjoyed exploring the avenues, castles, and cafés. Highlights include patisseries, the château, practicing my French and of course the events of the Service station ‘maze’ on the way there.










Top “Ok But First Coffee” // H&M

Tropical Shorts // Warehouse

Sky Blue Shoes // Superga

Crossover Crossbody Bag // Coach

Pop Art Graphic Top // H&M

Navy and White Cotton Shorts // Primark 


SUMMER FASHION FIVE |Recipe for the Best Summer Ever!

So its June already! Holy Moly!

Since I know how short summers can be here in the Uk, I thought I’d get this post out nice and early so you can all benefit. Without any further ado here is the ultimate list for all the essentials you will need for the BEST summer!

Ensure you have these products and I’ll guarantee you’ll have covered all bases!

Here’s my guide to the essential items you can’t be without this summer:

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3 Amazing Matcha Drinks | #SummerOfMatcha

Hey Guys,

So since summer is just around the corner, I thought it would be perfect to talk about MATCHA .

Matcha is a powdered green tea which is raved about around the world because it claims to:

  • Boost metabolism and burn calories
  • Calm the mind and relax the body
  • Be rich in fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins
  • Enhance mood and aids in concentration
  • Provide vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium
  • Prevent disease
  • Lower cholesterol and blood sugar

(information source)

Since Matcha can be quite hard to use for people who haven’t used it before and want to make it more exciting, I thought it would be great to show you 3 Delicious, Creative & Easy Matcha Drinks! WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW

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GCSEs || wish me luck!

Hey Guys, I realised that I had never let you know why I haven’t been posting for the past 2 weeks and wont be for a while!

I am doing my GCSE exams this summer! I have already done 3 exams at this point but am still pricked with nerves and panic.

Apologies for the lack of blog posts, if you are really missing them you can always check up on my Instagram ( for some cute OOTDs, flat-lays and recipes.

Also I do have a really exciting recipe post coming soon so STAY TUNED!

Gem xxx

Favourites in Fashion – Zac Posen

There’s no better way to kick off this 3-part blog series than with Zac Posen, if you’ve ever come across his designs or even follow him on Instagram, you’ll know how classically beautiful his dress designs are.

Zac Posen is an American fashion designer born and raised in SoHo, New York. In 2000, Posen got his big break after a dress he made for Naomi Campbell changed hands several times among several fashion insiders, including actress Paz de la Huerta. He is famously well-connected and has called Stella Schnabel his muse. Posen lives in the New York neighborhood of SoHo with his boyfriend Christopher Niquet and their three dogs.

Personally I can see his care free lifestyle as well as his New York home and style reflected in his designs and pictured above are just a few of my favourites.

Future Careers?

So what do you want to be when you’re older?

It’s a question you’re consistently asked from since, well, forever! As one of the (hopefully) many teenagers who have not yet got a clue what path I want to go down in the future.

In an effort to help students my school has been pilling on tonnes of careers talks, profiling tests and interviews all seemingly to no avail (my report came back suggesting me to be a Barrister?). It was time to take things into my own hands.

I signed up to the Futurewise Bulletin for Careers events and booked myself onto 3 – at least if it sucked I could at least discount the sector from my future.  Maths and Finance, English and Media, Digital and Tech. 3 Sectors, 3 Insight events in 3 different offices in London. I visited LSE, the PPA and the Ticketmaster offices and its safe to say I felt more than a little out of depth on the commuter morning trains.

I met people like Liz Owen, Barry McIlheney and other industry experts who talked me through possible jobs, courses and their advantages.

So the big question?

I can safely say that I am not cut out for Maths type statistics jobs and neither does the technical world suit me as much as I had thought. However I was significantly attracted to the English and Media sector. Here I was surrounded by people who owned and celebrated blogs and weren’t ashamed. Most days people would tease me for blogging or instagram-ing so this wasn’t a scenario I was used to. And I loved it!

What’s the Point?

It’s ok if you don’t know where your future life, it’s not okay if you don’t at least try to find to find out. There’s no point putting it off until the end of your Uni degree, no point at all!

Link to the Futurewise Website : here

National Careers Service (UK) : click here