A Cambridge Day Out | BOTANIC GARDENS

I for one, am always on the look out for a great yet affordable idea for a day out with my girls (a.k.a aleewowza [ https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC3kMDlNBYrifJ0_9O689pgA ] and Ellie [ https://wanderlustandstardustweb.wordpress.com/%5D ) and this trip was no exception. We set out one warm August morning to the Cambridge Botanic Gardens in an effort to spend time together, catching up without having to spend a lot of cash. Located a stone’s throw away from the station with links up and down the country, the gardens consist of :

40 acres of gardens and plants, popular with families and couples, plus glasshouses and a cafe.

Not only was it refreshingly chilled out for a day trip but also allowed us to have a cheeky photo shoot amongst the flowers and *squeal* succulents.

The entry to the gardens is around a fiver for an adult but you can get a discount if you have a student ID or Unidays (score!). Overall I enjoyed a really wholesome day out with the girls that didn’t break the bank!


IMG_0949 (2)

Ellie’s Top – Topshop

Ellie’s Jeans – NewLook

Ellie’s Bag – Accesorize

IMG_0952 (2)

Alee’s Top – NewLook

Alee’s Jeans – Select

Alee’s Shoes – Adidas

Alee’s Bag – Calvin Klein

IMG_0957 (2)

My Top – Newlook

My Jeans – GAP

My Bag  – Primark

My Shoes – New Balance



So, long time no see… apologies about that…

However, I’m back today with a video haul of all the amazing things I brought back from my trip to Zanzibar, Tanzania. I had such an amazing time in and around Stone Town and don’t worry there are more posts to come but for now; sit back and enjoy a little taster of Zanzibar!

Austria in Pictures ~ My favourite moments captured | Travel Diaries

Metz ~ Travel Diaries

Although Metz was just a stopover for us as we move on across Europe, we still enjoyed exploring the avenues, castles, and cafés. Highlights include patisseries, the château, practicing my French and of course the events of the Service station ‘maze’ on the way there.










Top “Ok But First Coffee” // H&M

Tropical Shorts // Warehouse

Sky Blue Shoes // Superga

Crossover Crossbody Bag // Coach

Pop Art Graphic Top // H&M

Navy and White Cotton Shorts // Primark 

How To: Marrakech

  1. Stay in a Riad, staying anywhere else especially a modern hotel is just not an option. I highly recommend El Fenn for the perfect mix of Western service with the Moroccan lifestyle, food and rooms.
  2. Take a walking tour as soon as you arrive. This not only allows you to get your bearing but straight away throws you into the culture shock that is Morocco. There really is no other way.
  3. Be Prepared to tip (EVERYONE) even those people who shove a dirty monkey on you and force to take a cheesy photo with you. Its part of the experience!
  4. 100% WHATEVER YOU DO WHENEVER YOU GO TAKE A FOOD TOUR OF THE SQUARE. It was hands-down the best experience I had in Marrakech and I would urge anyone to do it.
  5. Explore the Souks as much as you can – the deeper you go the better the finds and the deals!
  6. Don’t get worried if you appear to be lost, just follow the signs no matter what and don’t trust over-excited locals leading you off of the path.
  7. Visit the new town. It might not be what made you visit Marrakesh but it’s full of amazing boutiques, high-quality craftsmen and up-market cafes and restaurants.
  8. Remember to stock up on Argan Oil, Morocco is, of course, where it comes from! Make sure that you definitely get the good pure stuff though.
  9. Buy your fair share of souvenir magnets, spices, tassels, postcards and all that cheezy good stuff!
  10. Don’t Forget to visit ATIKA Boutique, Café de France, at least one local pharmacy, a leather stall and a local-recommended food stall.