Skincare Saviours | Party Season & New Year Favourites


Hello again,

I hope you all had an amazing Festive Season no matter how you celebrated. Alongside the this excitement of the season, Christmastime often brings with it heavy makeup, late nights, parties and decadent eating and drinking. As a result of all these our skin can often appear sallow, dry and un-youthful.

But never fear! These products will help clean, hydrate and perfect your face for the #NewYearNewYou:

imgp4156BODY SHOP SEAWEED DEEP CLEANSING FACIAL WASH – This affordable beauty is a deep cleansing but not stripping face wash that helps make sure you remove ALL the makeup and bacteria from your face and prep it for the products you put on afterwards. It is oil and soap free so suitable for most skin types and though it is deep cleansing it isn’t harsh like some other products.

imgp4160BODY SHOP ALOE DAY CREAM – Another product from the Body Shop; this moisturiser is light yet moisturising and soothing for parched and irritated and exhausted skin. As it is formulated for sensitive skin and is light yet effective, I would recommend it for all skin types.



FOREO LUNA PLAY CLEANSING BRUSH – This innovative little device is perfect if, like me, you are new on the cleansing brush scene and want to dip your feet into the waters using the one of the best brands out there. This is a smaller version of FOREO’s LUNA device that vibrates and deeply cleans your skin yet it feels like nothing at all its so gentle! Definitely an investment at £29 a pop which gets you around 100 uses but I believe its worth it to achieve the skin you’ve previously only dreamed of.


CLINIQUE PEP-START RANGE – This range is designed to give you skin a pep and also prep it for the day, whatever you throw at it. I personally own the smaller sizes of this range from a gift set but I am already in love with them! The eye brightener is so so hydrating and refreshing and the moisturiser not only moisturises but also preps the skin for makeup and provides 24-hour mattifying which is amazing for those with Oily/Combo skin. As Clinique says these are perfect for you to

“Prep. Pep.
And out the door.”

So there you have it, those are my current favourites for parched and exhausted party skin, stay tuned as I’ve got some great new posts coming up this new year! (I cannot believe its actually 2017 asasdfghjgfghjkl)



DUPE ALERT : Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette


Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette // Makeup Revolution “Girl Panic” Salvation Palette

I’m sure most people on the internet have seen, bought, tried or at least heard of Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes. I myself own the Naked 2, my personal favourite of the 4, after seeing it many times in store and with the House of Fraser’s deals… basically on a whim.

But if you’re not someone to spend 30 something pounds on eyeshadow DO NOT FEAR, Makeup Revolution is here { totally not sponsored by the way 🙂 } with their MASSIVE range of beautiful eyeshadow palettes.

This year @FashionMakeup_Tumblr bought me this one for Xmas and I fell in love. It’s only recently I noticed how some of the shades mimic those in the Naked 2 but with a lot more to offer as well.

Scroll through these pics below and see what you think!





The Matte shades are actually more pigmented than the Urban Decay Ones, chalky, yes, but more pigmented.

From Bottom to Top the shades I swatched are:     Foxy, Bootycall, Chopper, Tease, Busted