Gem-Flix | The Best TV Series

In these posts I aim to let you guys into a few of my favourite TV shows to fill that gap in your life! I aim to do these regularly but if you have any other opinions be sure to start a convo down in the comments!

As this is the first edition I’m going to feature a wide variety of shows to cater to as many tastes as possible to here we go:

  • QUANTICO – Perfect for those who love a typical American style drama OR a crime drama as it teams the storyline FBI trainees and also a second story line in the future after “the biggest terrorist attack since 9/11” and the two story lines work to meet in the middle. It also features touches of romance and almost high-school style competition but in a more adult setting.quantico
  • THE GREAT INTERIOR DESIGN CHALLENGE – Where the most beautiful interior design you’ll ever have seen meets good old fashioned competition. The premise is that they find a set of the same houses from regency terraces to old timely cottages to renovated factories and get some amateur designers to work to the homeowner’s brief (and don’t forget the surprise item!)and are then judged by the pros (Kelly Hoppen hellooo!!). Available on BBC iPlayer it’s on it’s 4th series to hit it up!gbidc
  • THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE – If you haven’t heard of this one you NEED TO GET ON IT! This drama is set in 1960s America if the Allies had lost WWII and North America is split into Japanese and German territories. It follows the paths of of a woman who finds herself thrust into the rebellion and discovers there are sets of tapes that show a different reality – where the Allies did win the war. Edge of your seat excitement and drama meets historical feels TMITHC is available on Amazon Prime Video and the 2nd season has just been released!tmithc

    That’s all for today, as I said I’ll try and update my Gem-flix lists as regularly as possible, let me know your favourites below.

Gem x


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