5 Tips to Kicksart your 2017 Fitness Journey

I know it’s nearly the end of January but  FITNESS IS FOR LIFE, NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS

Now just so you know I’m no Fitness expert or Personal Trainer or anything like that but I like to think I know a little thing or too about being vaguely healthy. I, like many others, set an improvement in my health as one of my New Year’s Resolutions and I intend to keep it up, having said that I do definitely go through phases and it CAN be hard to get back into that good spot. Here are a few of my tips and tricks to make a healthy lifestyle that little bit easier:


  1. Research

This first one might sound a little bit dumb and boring but honestly let me tell you that researching what types of workouts/foods/recipes/brands there are out there will not only help inspire you to get on it, but also help you understand how you want to workout and what regime to follow. The good news? If you’ve arrived at this blog post you’ve probably already started this step!

Places I recommend checking out on the web are:

Cassey Ho’s Fitness Holy Grail website : Click Here

Carly Rowena’s Youtube Channel: Her BLOG

Her YT Channel

Pinterest : Click Here

2.  Get the Gear

Nice Workout Clothes, Shoes and equipment will motivate you and get you excited to go the gym or start exercising – no joke! You should invest in a good pair of exercise trainers (you know, the ones design for exercise, not fashion!) and some 3/4 leggings are great for all year round.

I’ve recently just ordered a Pilates mat online to enable to workout at home more and help motivate and inspire me!

I recommend:

Fabletics for amazingly stylish pieces that are stunningly beautiful yet really good quality : Click Here

SportsDirect because I’ve never found anywhere that does deals like they do : Click Here


Apps on your phone make keeping track of progress SOOOO much easier as well as motivating and reminding you to stay on track. If your new to them the number of options can seem overwhelming but here are my top picks:






4. Water is your BESTIE

Staying hydrated is key to keeping your energy levels up and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, however despite what is commonly said you DON’T need to drink a ton, in fact that can actually be bad for you!

My tip is to drink water first thing in the morning and use an app (such as MyWater mentioned above) to remind you throughout the day until you get used to it.

Even if you don’t like the taste of water after a few days of a routine like this, you will begin to crave it over drinks like Coke or Fanta etc.

Personally I feel like drinking a good amount of water is one of the biggest factors in how well my skin is looking and feeling!

5. Healthy Snacks

For me I feel like it’s not my larger meals that really let me down in terms of how healthy my diet is; it’s the snacks I eat in between… crisps, chocolate and sweets are all among the worst offenders and often it’s because they’re the easiest thing to grab in moments of hunger.

The solution is to put healthy snacks (whether bought or homemade) around your room or house in easier to reach places, this way you’ll be way more likely to grab those instead of your usual snacks.

Also going on a healhty shopping spree can be sooo amazingly motivating so defo do it!

I hope this post helped you guys out as I tried to think of tips you don’t always hear about.

Gem x

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