I Found the Most Magical Place On Earth! | TRAVEL DIARIES

I think I found the most magical place on earth and SPOILER ALERT, it’s not Disneyland…

I’m part Finnish so I’m no stranger to the country but this Christmas (2016) me and my family travelled to Levi in Northern Finland or Lapland and let me tell you: It. Was. Amazing.

Check out these photos!:

The sun’s not up for long there but when it is the views are stunning and team that with the guaranteed snow of this time of year, it felt magical.

However since space was tight in my packing bag, I only brought my phone which has resulted in some poor quality photos for you and no photos of the best thing I saw (because phone cameras aren’t great)… THE NORTHERN LIGHTS!!

The other thing is that I didn’t bother to edit these photos because I didn’t want anyone to feel like the colours were fake and unrepresentative of reality. So if you’re wondering why they look different than normal that’s why.

I would 100% recommend Levi as a destination for families as there are some great ski pistes for learning and trying out ski parks etc. it’s not a massive resort and only has two black runs, it also features quite a long green route that borders on cross-country level flats to get to one side of the mountain. However Levi is also amazing for other activities and if nothing else convinces you simply google Mintuu Hot Chocolate or Fazer. ‘Nuff Said!

If you have any other questions just comment below,

Gem x


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