SUMMER FASHION FIVE |Recipe for the Best Summer Ever!

So its June already! Holy Moly!

Since I know how short summers can be here in the Uk, I thought I’d get this post out nice and early so you can all benefit. Without any further ado here is the ultimate list for all the essentials you will need for the BEST summer!

Ensure you have these products and I’ll guarantee you’ll have covered all bases!

Here’s my guide to the essential items you can’t be without this summer:

1) Sunglasses

Let’s start with the obvious: sunglasses are a must when the sun is out (Duh!). However what I would highly recommend you do is have a cheap pair on hand for wearing in the pool or sea that provide protection but that you also won’t mind losing/breaking

Primark do some great ones for just £1 or if you’re willing shell out to £3 their more “upmarket” styles this year are to DIE for! If not, check out elsewhere on the high street or try a specialist brand, whether you’re looking for a specific style or colour.

2) Bikini/Swimsuit

Another obvious one but owning a stylish one of these is practically obligatory whether or not you live close to water.
Whether it’s for sunbathing or swimming, the hottest colours for this year are seemingly, white, black, royal blue as well as neon prints. However you can’t go wrong with the classics either. Shop around to find your favourite styles but I find the best sited to search are BOOHOO, MISSGUIDED & NEW LOOK. This bikini top in particular is one I’ve been lusting after!

3) Denim jacket / Bomber jacket

These two classics are becoming more and more of a wardrobe stable; whether it’s to dress down an outfit, sling on over a look to keep warm or as a statement piece, more and more designs are popping up!

They’re great as an easy cover-up for cooler evenings or to wear over a T-for a casual yet classic look.

Whether it’s a statement Moschino-Brandy-esque design or the more demure silk bombers I’m seeing EVERYWHERE this season, make sure you hop on this band-wagon!

4) Beach / TOTE bag

A classic tote or beach bag, to carry your book, suncream and towel to the beach, or your supplies for your perfect picnic, maybe you’re going to a pool party or even a sleepover. They’re even great for storing your on-flight essentials when you go abroad. A classic triangle shape always looks classy but long-strap backpacks or drawstring bags have been in for a while now!

 5) A Small handbag / cross-body bag

Just as much as you need a hold-all, you’ll want to have a small bag you can grab and go when you’re out and about and only need your purse, phone and a few other essentials.

Either buy a one-colour-fits-all neutral or a stand out summer shade and you’ll be set!




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