What to Pack for DofE (and what not to!)

My Silver DofE practice expedition starts on the 15th of April, EEEEEK! If like me the words DofE fill you with a mixture of dread, fear and maybe a twinge of excitement you might need to think about expedition packing at some point.

So without any further ado here is my experienced list of what to pack for DofE and what not to!


  • Thermal tops or Sports tops (depending on the weather at the time)
  • Hoodie or Sweatshirt / Fleece – keeping warm is key especially in rain.
  • Waterproofs – make sure its good quality and it would be good if it could fold up small.
  • Walking Trousers – you can get these from outdoor shops and they really are the best for practicality.
  • Underwear (duh!)
  • Good Quality Walking socks – A pair for each day and possibly a spare (depending on space)
  • Walking Boots – NEED good ankle support AND NO FLEX in the sole.
  • Flip Flops – you need shoes for once you get to the campsite and flip flops are compact and refreshing after the hell of the boots.
  • Hats – Baseball Cap /  Wooly hat, depending of the weather – vital.
  • Clothes for nighttime
  • Toiletries – (toothbrush and paste, sun cream, body wash, deodorant,  clean wipes/ antibacterial wipes, tissues)
  • Loo roll
  • First Aid Kit (possibly containing: paracetamol, immodium, anti-histamine, plasters, insect repellent, bandages, sun cream, tweezers, antiseptic, blister plasters, micro-porous tape or muscle tape)
  • Hair stuff – hairbands and a buff are good
  • Scissors or pocket knife – for cutting bandages etc.
  • Pen
  • Torch
  • Meal set  – camping appropriate, mug, utensils, plate, bowl
  • Tent
  • Platapus/ CamelPak water system
  • Sleeping bag – weather appropriate
  • Roll Mat
  • Trangia
  • All-purpose Soap
  • Matches
  • Watch/Clock/Alarm
  • Compass
  • Whistle
  • Bin bags
  • Survival bag / foil blanket
  • Towel or Tea towel
  • Jogging Bottoms, thin leggings or god forbid – jeans!
  • Camping Pillows – take up space & weight when you can just roll up a jumper in your sleeping bag.
  • Self-Inflating Mattress – heavier and bigger than a roll mat which is just as good and doesn’t take ages to wrap up @ the end.
  • Multiple small water bottles – Aluminium water bottles weigh way more than one platapus system! So much easier as well!



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