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Hey guys!

It’s Alexandra (Alee) Morris and I will be talking about my recent change in fashion to the good old black and white photo days, with the help of my bf George….

Let’s get started, what particularly drew me to this style of clothing was that it looked classy at the same time as being a casual city style. It’s totally versatile and easy to match with other accessories, allowing you to pick one item of clothing that adds a pop of colour to your outfit.

So first let’s set the rules;

  • Your shoes must match the colour of your top, and perhaps your bag too.
  • Your jacket must match the colour of your bottoms.
  • Your bag should feature at least one of the colours in your outfit.
  • The colours must be black and white, perhaps a cream or a grey as well.
  • Your make-up must be based on one of the colours in your outfit and can also feature a colour pop.
  • You cannot add any colour that’s out of the black, grey to white spectrum (so literally 50 shades of grey).
black cut off sleeve top

Wear this black cut off top with a white pair of jeans to create a contrasted look

black long jacket

Throw this jacket over any outfit, it goes with both white and black tops too, so is multi-functional

black nike air force 1

I have non stop worn these Nike’s when I go out for weeks because they’re super comfy and also add an element of smartness to your outfit

black and white brandy top

These tops are great because they act like crop tops but have fantastic coverage of the top half of your outfit, also the black trim adds definition to the top’s outline

chevron leggings b&w

Adding leggings or jeans with a strictly black and white pattern creates a grey effect at a first glance, linking any white clothes to black ones

grey cropped tee top

Again, stay to blacks, greys, creams and whites to keep this look in a comfortable colour range

Now on to make-up! I love changing products and shades/colours to suit your look that day, so here are my base products that I use to do my more dressed up make-up.

barry m brow kit

For my brows I use the middle shade of power, and mix it with the Body Shop’s darkest brow shade

body shop brow kit

I use this palette’s darkest shade on the right, and mix it with the Barry M medium eyebrow shade

bronze bb cream

Using a bronzing BB cream shade will enhance the contrast of the blacks and whites in your outfit, but make sure that it matches your skin tone!

chisel cheeks contour kit

This contour kit is truly amazing, and the highlight can also double as a setting powder for your concealer. Use this palette with the Real Techniques contour brushes for the best facial contour around.

limited eye and cheek palette

This palette has some lovely neutral shades and down the left hand side it features 4 blushers. The best colours for this outfit tend to be on the higher platform out of the two, where the darker colours are, and these can be faded into lighter shades that start in the corner of your eye

mua luxe velvet lipstick

This lipstick is fantastic because it starts as a liquid, making it easier to apply, but then not having to wait long for it to dry into a bold colour which adds the ‘colour pop’ to your outfit

nyc concealer stick

This cover stick is actually a concealer, but I find it’s best used for an eyeshadow base due to it’s sticky, creamy complexion which allows the eyeshadow to stay on longer

real techniques brushes

I own almost all of these brushes and each one is ultimately amazing at make-up application and it makes my routine a lot quicker with their full coverage- definitely worth the price!

rocket volum' mascara

This mascara creates a beautiful full fan of lashes and darkens the overall look of your outfit with it’s flare and boldness. I’ve been using this mascara for about 1 or 2 years now and there is no point in changing because I’m really impressed with the look of this product.

wake me up concealer

One of THE most important parts of make-up is concealer and this is an amazing product as it literally makes your eyes look to much more open and bright for the day.

laval eyeliner

This eyeliner is truly amazing, for it’s cheap price on amazon- surprisingly! It can create the perfect winged eyeliner and isn’t messy at all.

eye drops

And finally, a must have for every day use- dry eye drops. I find this really helps my eyes feel more awake- especially if you’ve been up all night!


So the finished look with a bit of wavy hair, enjoy your day out!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed looking into this style! 🙂

AM x (also with a teeny tiny bit of help from George)

This was originally posted on my old blog that broke somehow.. 🙂


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