What’s In My Bag 2016 ~ COACH


My Go-to Crossbody


Burgundy, Baby Pink and Warm Orange | Coach

The bag I am currently using for small outings or evening meals is my small Coach cross-body bag. I absolutely love this bag as it is both absolutely gorgeous and practical as well. A medium size between as pouch and a handbag you can fit a surprising amount of stuff in here, so here we go.

  • My Purse – A Silver Michael Kors Affair – With room for notes, coins and just as many cards. A small enough size to fit into smaller bags like this but big enough to hold all I need for most days.

    Bag Essentials

    Bag Essentials

  • A Hot Pink Coach Mini Purse – So beautiful and great quality, you could even use this asa clutch on a night out.
  • INSIDE THE POUCH – Benefit Minis are the perfect size to carry along but also great to top-up your look throughout the day or if you’re staying over somewhere.
  • Spearmint Gum – because you need gum to survive life, Spearmint is the best flavour obvi!
  • My Phone – because who doesn’t have one – my phone case is from Karl Lagerfeld and I love it, so kitsch and cute!
  • Old train tickets – ok so maybe I should have cleaned my bag out before but hey! At least I’m honest!!



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