Life in Noir | Fashion Favourites | GUEST POST

Hey guys!

It’s Alexandra (Alee) Morris and I will be talking about my recent change in fashion to the good old black and white photo days, with the help of my bf George….

Let’s get started, what particularly drew me to this style of clothing was that it looked classy at the same time as being a casual city style. It’s totally versatile and easy to match with other accessories, allowing you to pick one item of clothing that adds a pop of colour to your outfit.

So first let’s set the rules; Continue reading


DUPE ALERT : Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette


Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette // Makeup Revolution “Girl Panic” Salvation Palette

I’m sure most people on the internet have seen, bought, tried or at least heard of Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes. I myself own the Naked 2, my personal favourite of the 4, after seeing it many times in store and with the House of Fraser’s deals… basically on a whim.

But if you’re not someone to spend 30 something pounds on eyeshadow DO NOT FEAR, Makeup Revolution is here { totally not sponsored by the way 🙂 } with their MASSIVE range of beautiful eyeshadow palettes.

This year @FashionMakeup_Tumblr bought me this one for Xmas and I fell in love. It’s only recently I noticed how some of the shades mimic those in the Naked 2 but with a lot more to offer as well.

Scroll through these pics below and see what you think!





The Matte shades are actually more pigmented than the Urban Decay Ones, chalky, yes, but more pigmented.

From Bottom to Top the shades I swatched are:     Foxy, Bootycall, Chopper, Tease, Busted

What’s In My Bag 2016 ~ COACH


My Go-to Crossbody


Burgundy, Baby Pink and Warm Orange | Coach

The bag I am currently using for small outings or evening meals is my small Coach cross-body bag. I absolutely love this bag as it is both absolutely gorgeous and practical as well. A medium size between as pouch and a handbag you can fit a surprising amount of stuff in here, so here we go.

  • My Purse – A Silver Michael Kors Affair – With room for notes, coins and just as many cards. A small enough size to fit into smaller bags like this but big enough to hold all I need for most days.

    Bag Essentials

    Bag Essentials

  • A Hot Pink Coach Mini Purse – So beautiful and great quality, you could even use this asa clutch on a night out.
  • INSIDE THE POUCH – Benefit Minis are the perfect size to carry along but also great to top-up your look throughout the day or if you’re staying over somewhere.
  • Spearmint Gum – because you need gum to survive life, Spearmint is the best flavour obvi!
  • My Phone – because who doesn’t have one – my phone case is from Karl Lagerfeld and I love it, so kitsch and cute!
  • Old train tickets – ok so maybe I should have cleaned my bag out before but hey! At least I’m honest!!