January Favourites 2016



I know it’s not quite the end of January just yet but it IS the last blog post of January so today I’m going to be rounding up my favourites of the past month.

  1. NewLook Black Heels – These were the shoes that I wore on NYE (technically not January but..) and I love them so much – I am typically afraid of wearing heels because I am quite tall already and don’t want to look giant like. However these have a small heel on them somehow without looking clumpy and hooflike at the same time. Cheers New Look!
  2. Makeup Revolution Palette – I know I already talked about this one in my last blog post but really this palette is amazing ~ the matte colours are more pigmented than my Urban Decay palette and the shimmers are gorgeous. I only really use the more glittery ones in the evening but they are lovely as well.
  3. The Gulliver Tea – I bought this tea in Bruges in December from the most lovely café with the most lovely #LatteArt as seen in my Instagram 😉 . The tea itself is a massive mix of different herbal ingredients so the label is quite overwhelming. But it tastes AMAZING, main notes of lemongrass, rose and jasmine with more subtle flavours to boot!
  4. Tanya Burr Rosy Flush Palette – A pretty rose flush shade a kin to Benefit “Rockateur”, A bronzer that is in between warm and cool – great for all skin tones, and such a beautiful highlighter that is icy toned – again great for all skin tones. I have been using this everyday for the entire month, maybe not the highlighter but all the rest!
  5. Starbucks Caramel Macchiato – I’ve stopped buying the seasonal drinks in the past month, they’re a bit too sweet and too pricey for me. However I felt a bit drab going straight back to regular-old coffee. So in between I have found the classic and delicious Caramel Macchiato. I have no idea why I’ve never tried the before! But now I have started I think I’m addicted!
  6. SCANDAL – I’m a little late to hop onto this particular band-wagon but after listening to Meghan Rienks rave about this show for the umpteenth time I gave in and started watching about half way through the month. As of now I am only a couple episodes in but I am really enjoying it. The actual affair part is not so much what I watch it for, more the heist style negotiating team who will do whatever it takes to solve a case. That’s much more Ocean’s 11 and much more me.


anddddd That’s All Folks! Have a Great February!


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