Your Top 5 Profiles to Follow on Instagram in 2016


These days almost everyone has made or plans to make a set of New Year’s Resolutions. Almost everyone these days has Instagram… So why not make it your resolution to follow these 10 inspirational, beautiful, exciting and educational Instagram accounts this year

  1. @Blogilates
Probably the most common New Year’s Resolution ever made is “BECOMING HEALTHIER AND FITTER” and there is no better person to follow is this is your goal. Cassey Ho is a stunning fitness, healthy eating and self-confidence enthusiast and showcases all of this on her stunningly bright and happy Instagram.
FEATURING: Recipes, Positivity Quotes, 15-sec workout tutorials, Lifestyle
2. @AnnaHigginsDesigns
New Zealand artist and all-round sassy biatch Anna Higgins will fulfil your daily (or almost) dose of girl-power, empowerment and humour in the form of super pretty and yet simple drawings and prints which are also available to buy 🙂
FEATURING: Sass, Motivation, Empowerment, Tumblr-ness, Pretty Prints
Motivational Happy Quotes, Beautiful fonts and typography all on top of pretty tumblr backgrounds. What more could you want?
If you want a happier and more positive start to your 2016 then this is the account for you ~ I mean you’re probably already following them!
4. @humansofny
Photographer Brandon Stanton has talked with 10,000 strangers on the streets of the Big Apple and shared their heart-warming and heart-breaking stories with the Internet via this beautiful Instagram account. (Oh and he also has a book!)
FEATURING : Interesting Tales, Smiles or Tears, Humility, Photography
Artist Josh Hara draws detailed, amusing and simply effective cartoons on coffee cups. From the Force Awakens, To Hotline Bling to Taylor Swift you’ll find all manor of doodles on these mini pieces of beauty.
FEATURING : Humour, Drake, Art and Star Wars.
( 6. ~ Cheeky Self-promo)
If you want to see artsy photos and tumblr-shite as well as stay up to date on my oh-so interesting life 😉 then simply click the blue button 🙂

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