This post has been in the back of my mind in the form of jumbled ideas for a long time and I am glad to finally get it down somewhere.
Wherever I go and whatever I do I somehow feel the responsibility and the need to try and defy my stereotypes. This can be a good thing for me, like how I prefer not to be the stereotypical lounge all day by the pool tourist but prefer to spend my days wandering the streets. 
However sometimes I feel there is too much pressure put on to the idea of defying stereotypes that it can be damaging. For example I get called “such a typical white girl” or a “basic b****” for always ordering a frappucino or the tshirt that is everywhere, so much so that I’m discouraged from buying it. So what if it’s too stereotypical, I like it!
I personally feel that there is always this idea of BE INDIVIDUAL and that idea has come from a good place. That’s why I don’t want to be misconstrued when I say this but it can often come across with a pressure to BE DIFFERENT, DONT BE TYPICAL, DIFFERENT IS COOL, DIFFERENT IS BETTER, INDIVIDUAL STYLE IS SO MICH NICER THAN IF YOU WEAR “basic” CLOTHING.
The problem with this is that it can do the opposite of its aim and make you do things that aren’t you just to fit these aims. Let me explain this a bit better, I am always trying to find unique style pieces online and in markets etc. because I am encouraged (pressured) to not buy the “typical white gurl” stuff when in fact not only would that be easier, but I like some of that stuff.
I see this is other places as well, in fact Buzzfeed even made a funny video about an Asian girl who is always trying to defy the typical Asian stereotype, avoiding those things she might like. But then she realises, you know what? I like rice! 
The message that I’m trying to get across is to be you no matter what, if that means buying Starbucks and wearing “basic b****” clothes then do that. If you prefer to shop vintage markets, then do THAT. The point is, there shouldn’t be a pressure to do either.
So go on, enjoy that pool-side holiday, you booked it for a reason!


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