Autumn Things

Even though as I am sitting writing this, the sun is blasting through my windows and making me regret wearing thick leggings – apparently it is Autumn!

Autumn Things1

Today I’ll be sharing with you my favourite Autumn (or fall) things!

Autumn Things3

First off, Its impossible to mention Autumn without coffee, or specifically the PSL. Although I do love Starbucks to the depths of my heart, I’ve had one Pumpkin Spice Latte this year and it was WAYYYYYYYY to sweet for me. In this picture I have a caramel macchiato which is amazing year-round but if you sprinkle a little cinnamon on top after ordering BOOM you have the perfect non-PSL hot Autumnal drink!

Autumn THings2

The next most prevalent thing that comes to mind when you picture the season is of course, candles. I am, of course, a big candle lover but recently I have been trying some alternatives. Diffusers are a great option if you want scent all the time or if you’re not allowed to burn candles. The one above is from John Lewis and it’s their SANDALWOOD scent which is a beautiful woody scent. I also have a Coffee and Frankincense candle that I DIY’d myself and it smells A-MA-ZING and surprisingly similar to the Holly Go Lightly Bubble Bar from LUSH.

Autumn THings 4DSCF4140Autumn Things5

Next of course I had to include some makeup products! This time, for once, both are eyeshadows. The first I have here is from KIKO and it’s their classic shadow in 102 which is a stunning rich almost copper sort of gold that looks amazing on its own or combined with others. The other product I have here surprised me. When I received this in a set last Christmas I didn’t think much of it as it came from M&S. However I am honestly surprised by the creamy-ness, pigmentation and beauty of this LIMITED Eyeshadow Pencil (Brown). This colour is perfect for blending into the crease or outer V and blends amazingly!

Autumn Things3

Finally a nod to accessories. Recently on some runways and on the highstreet I’ve been seeing a sub-trend of having jewellery that adds texture and style to your look. For example this wood and mirror graphic necklace. It adds texture, “drama” and pulls your look together without being too OTT.


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